The Challenge To Deliver Brilliant Service.

The problem I found over 15 years of customer service training at all levels, it is so obvious. There is nothing complicated about it, there are no real mind blowing theories, there aren’t any brand new exciting models. We know it all because we are customers and we know how we think and feel and what we want. We need to keep in mind, why it’s so important, it’s a cliché, but customers pay our wages.


If you are a business owner reading this, you will be probably already be only too aware that to grow your business and make more money you need to keep your customers and get new ones and the really great thing about delivering brilliant service, is it does both of these things. There is nothing more satisfying than getting new business from a recommendation and when they turn into an advocate they also recommend you, it really is a snowball effect. If you manage people on the front line, then it is extremely important to train and empower them, one of the great things about working in customer service is the results are tangible and it can really get you noticed

Five Reasons Why It Is Important To Keep Customers

Keeping customers, especially our best customers allows us to earn back the money it cost to get them in the first place, the longer we keep them the more our original investment pays off

Happy Customers are more likely to buy more from us. They are easier to sell to; they are more likely to listen to our sales story and read our marketing or respond to an advert because they already understand our offering and trust it.

Loyal customers are less likely to question the cost of our services and products because they have peace of mind to know we won’t rip them off and look after them when they have a problem. So loyal customers will pay more.

Experienced customers actually make our job easier because they know us and how we work; they are less likely to need their hand holding. They tend to make fewer calls to customer service or fewer visits, so generally they cost less to service.

The most important one of all: If your existing customers recommend you, you get new customers for free with no marketing, advertising or intensive sales campaigns. They will also come to you with a receptive frame of mind because they have had a recommendation.

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